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Fichera “Fencing World Championships Milan 2023 will belong to everyone”

CAIRO (EGYPT) (ITALPRESS) – Milan has received the FIE flag in Cairo, so the countdown to the eighth World Championships to be hosted by Italy has begun, for the first time in a city that is the “cradle” of international fencing such as the Lombard capital. Marco Fichera, the president of the Milan 2023 organizing committee, is ready, this time following the World Cup after many years as an executive and not as an athlete. “I came to learn, I think it serves to see the pros and cons of an event that we expect and prospect to organize in the best possible way. Milan 2023 will be the World Cup of everyone, of grassroots sport, of the high level, of the associations, in short, that dream that Italian fencing has been waiting for for 12 years and that Milan has been waiting for forever since it is the first World Cup it will host. I think we are in for an intense last minute of an onslaught that we will come to take to victory and it will be a World Cup of the highest level for everyone,” Fichera said. “Each place has its own connotations and I think it’s complicated to define how to replicate or not. We need to give more proximity to the athletes to avoid those little delays that they create for us for travel.”

The Sicilian executive announces that the one in Milan “will be a World Championships as a whole, it will be very large in terms of space (about 13,000 square meters for the competition phases, with more than 30 platforms, ed.), which we will try to make unique because despite this amplitude we will try to make it close to the athletes even in the spaces. We are asking for their help to make it all work, all together we will make the best come to the homes of the Italians as well,” said the former athlete, Olympic team silver medalist at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. “After 12 consecutive editions between World Championships and Olympics, it was different for me to watch from the stands and not be on the platform, however I followed my teammates cheering for them and got to know emotions I had not experienced at a World Championships as an athlete. The boys all gave very good performances, you can’t go out with only victories. The finals we lost were hard-fought, but we are very high in the medal standings.”

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