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The city of Milan will host the 2023 Fencing World Championships from 22 to 30 July 2023.

It will be the eighth Fencing World Championships in Italy, from the first time in Naples in 1929 to the last in Catania in 2011.

The 2023 Fencing World Championships will take place at the MiCo in Milan, in an area of over 25,000 square metres, in one of the trendiest areas of Milan, and will be an international showcase for the city and the country.

The objective of the Local Organising Committee (COL) is to create a strong link with the territory and raise public awareness, in order to turn the World Cup into a real celebration for everyone.

Milan 2023 represents an extraordinary moment of promotion not only for fencing, but also for Milan, a city rich in tradition, innovation and culture, and for the whole country. The city of Milan, in fact, will be invaded by more than 1,500 athletes from 165 countries for a major international event valid for Qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The 2023 World Championships will be a fundamental showcase to showcase fencing to the younger generations, who are passionate about it and also outside the world of fencing, and, at the same time, to maintain one of Italy’s historical traditions.