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Sustainability and Social Inclusion

In addition to the economic impact, which is easily quantifiable, the 2023 Fencing World Cup will bring additional benefits to all citizens and residents. These will be felt over the long term and act in the social sphere; the intangibility of these factors should not suggest that they are less important than the economic ones.

The following tangible and intangible benefits are those that will be generated by the 2023 World Fencing Championships:

  • Increased sports and cultural tourism
  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  • Increased interest in sports
  • Understanding and sharing of sustainability issues

The design and organization of the World Championships will be particularly focused on inclusion, sustainability, including environmental sustainability, and measures that reduce direct and indirect CO2 emissions. For this, the use of sustainable means of transportation for short and long distances will be promoted.

The use of paper will be minimized and the use of digital technology will be encouraged, and the promotional and organizational materials used for the event will pay attention to sustainability.

The Organizing Committee is committed to meeting and enforcing quality standards for its suppliers, special attention will be paid to the efficiency of various facilities, waste management, and sustainability. The younger generation will be educated on the value of “good intentions” in the context of sustainability and will be urged to adopt sustainable practices.


Legacy of the 2023 World Fencing Championships

Every major sporting event brings with it the power of its sporting discipline, the energy of thousands of athletes, fans, and media attention at the international level, and for each the goal is to win, increase its visibility, and create an unforgettable spectacle.

Major events or high-level sports, often rich in television rights, are more focused on the competitive narrative than the narrative of sport as a vehicle for inclusivity and well-being. For this reason, the Milan 2023 World Championships Organizing Committee believes that it must organize and bring to life to the area a high-level event that represents more than just the celebration of medals or world champions.

Senior Fencing World Championships Milan 2023 wants to be a time to celebrate sport, but also to deepen and relaunch central social values such as inclusion and attention to the potential of the sport-disability relationship.

The strong legacy is determined by the interpretation of this Organizing Committee, which believes that a major event has and should have much broader goals, such as transforming the spectacle into long-term memory, involving the territory throughout the year leading up to it, building projects that reach different targets and leave a positive and recoverable mark on everyone over time.

To this end, different targets have been identified such as schools (6 – 19 years old), universities (19- 25), cross-falling social targets such as oratories and NGO associations dedicated to disability services.

Numerous are the tools that fencing will use to reach the legacy goals such as the values of its sport discipline, grassroots activity, its Olympic and Paralympic athletes, the historical memory that leaves emotions and passion, all tools that can and must impact to leave a positive trace on the different targets identified.

Fencing must tell the story of its capacity and tradition of inclusion. In fact, fencing is one of the few fully integrated sports where Olympians and Paralympians pull together. It is no coincidence that the Italian Fencing Federation submitted, and won, the bid, simultaneously, for the World and Paralympic world championships.

All of the organized side events include the simultaneous presence of Olympic and Paralympic sports. The projects recounted here pay special attention to the target audience of physical and intellectual disabilities; in essence, we want to bring and initiate sports and disability projects that can turn into ongoing events, a sign of collaboration and commitment that must continue over time.

It should not be overlooked that sports account for 4 percent of Italy’s GDP and that the reduction of investment in sports causes many young people to abandon a healthy and correct lifestyle, which, by definition, results in higher social costs over time. Scientific evidence shows that through proper sports exercise we produce well-being, cognitive implementation, social inclusiveness, expansion of relationships as well as respect and good practices for the protection of environmental resources.

Unfortunately, Italy ranks very high in Europe in terms of population sedentariness (40%).

Inspired by these analyses, the Organizing Committee has imagined a package of initiatives to be left on the territory of the World Cup 2023, and beyond, that will spread and activate stable good practices on the different targets and the dissemination of the values of sport that represent an essential construction for the future.

The World Cup Milan 2023 with its collateral activities can, and must, become a great opportunity for social awareness on issues concerning the psychological well-being and inclusiveness of people living conditions of discomfort and disability, a moment of training and dissemination of essential values for social growth such as relationship skills, well-being, protection of environmental resources and much more.

The World Championships will, therefore, be a 360-degree event starting in 2022 and ending with the Senior Fencing World Championships Milan event in 2023.



Schools Initiative

With a view to the involvement of the territory, with different target audiences, it can be said that one of the most important legacies will certainly be the project intended for schools and that it will be activated at 15 Comprehensive Institutes with at least 75 classes between primary and secondary 1st grade in the Lombardy territory, with a projection of at least 2,000 children/children/youth involved.

The idea is a competition for classes from the various Comprehensive Institutes that will join the project.


The first act of the initiative will be a meeting with Ambassadors from the Paralympic and Olympic world of fencing, athletes and coaches who will be able to tell in a simple way some illustrative stories.

This step will reinforce in the children the awareness of the necessity and simplicity of the word inclusion and how sport enables redemption and much joy for so many disabled athletes.

This first step will allow the students to have, before the contest takes place, a snapshot of the values and concepts that, with their Project Work or drawings, they can express according to their different and extraordinary sensibilities.

The visit days of the Testimonials/Ambassadors will be, starting in September 2022, one for each Comprehensive Institute (two if there are logistical difficulties between IC locations) and will include the screening of emotional competition videos for each athlete, storytelling, interview by the students, photos with the testimonials and exchange of autographs.

Coaches of Olympic athletes will also be invited to tell about the difficulties and paths of preparation to achieve their results.

At the end of the morning dedicated to all classes there will be an hour for only the fifth grade of primary and secondary schools during which a young director will be invited to explain how to make a video project for the competition. This is a simple way to teach kids something more for the future as well.

The organizing committee will prepare a quiz with multiple fencing-themed questions for classes to fill out for each meeting. In each institute, the class that completes the quiz completely correctly will be awarded a prize.


The media to be used by the children will be drawing, for children from 1st to 4th primary and a Project work (30″ video) for children from 5th primary to 3rd secondary.

The children and young people will have to tell, in their own way, “what is the importance of sport” and “what is the meaning and importance of inclusion in sport,” explain what should be the correct approach to the theme “Sport and Disability” and the best way to spread its positive values taking as a reference the meeting with the athletes carried out previously.


University Initiative

The Milan 2023 World Champioships will involve Milan’s leading universities and their students in a partnership that will see the Organizing Committee and the universities united in spreading values and launching in-depth opportunities on different topics for different faculties.

Several universities across the country will also be involved so as to tell the story of a widespread event that is not localized exclusively in Milan.

The projects built with university destination are numerous because wide and important is the audience to be involved, considering the multiple and different capacities to deepen each topic, in a scientific and value-based way, typical of the university way.

The overall goal is to involve, among universities in Milan, Lombardy and nationwide, at least 7 universities with their many faculties. In projection, it is intended to involve at least 1,500 male and female students.


  • Fencing at the service of university faculties: a collaboration in the field
  • The scientific day on the theme of sport, disability and inclusion
  • The meeting with Olympic fencing professionals
  • The dual carrer in Italian universities.

The Organizing Committee wants to recognize the importance of legacy for universities, centers of development and growth of great ideas and projects. At the 2023 World Cup, the planned projects will represent a model of experimentation and collaboration to be maintained in future years.

The various sports disciplines have become, in recent years, veritable laboratories for the advancement of applied technologies in the field of materials, sports medicine and orthopedics, digitization and computerization during competitions, in entertainment management, and in settings at the level of applied architecture and design.

Various faculties and degree programs can derive important insights from this major event during the lead-up period. It is an exchange, a mutual contribution to education as well as an opportunity to give free rein to the creativity of young people.

Fencing, and its world event 2023, can be an object of research and an instrument of inspiration for the creation of new projects, theses and project work agreed upon.

According to this approach, faculties are identified that could use fencing for their own research projects or to corroborate and/or apply already advanced theories.

The following areas of World Cup 2023 collaboration with Milanese universities are planned on the following topics and fields of application to be developed directly with the faculties:

  • World Cup 2023 medal design
  • Hospitality project
  • Opening Ceremony and other side events
  • Foreign Countries Project (among Legacy projects)
  • Fencing and art
  • Territorial marketing and communication
  • Conferences and projects on sports and disabilities



  • Physical Science
  • Science and technology for the study and conservation of cultural heritage and information supports


  • Architecture and urban design
  • Interior design
  • Fashion Design


  • Architecture and history of art
  • Science of Antiquity
  • Educational counseling for disability and marginality


  • Economics and Management for art, culture and communication


  • Social processes
  • Psychology
  • Intercultural communication
  • Tourism Economics


  • Languages
  • DAMS Disciplines of Arts, Music and Entertainment
  • Tourism, management and culture