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Road to events

In the months leading up to the World Championships, numerous road to events will be organized with the aim of promoting both motor practice and sports culture among the entire population, with a special focus on schools and sports associations, both from the fencing world and from other sports.

The Road to the 2023 World Championships will therefore feature a plan designed to increase the engagement of the new generations in the world of fencing, and the involvement of schools will make it possible to raise awareness among the very youngest about the practice of sport and its values.

In addition, events will have a social focus with the aim of spreading sports culture, based on Olympic values, concretely declining the principle of “Right to Sport for All.”

We will interface with FIS projects that are actively engaged in carrying out projects in the social sphere, in synergy with institutions and schools, promoting the principles of brotherhood, respect, sports loyalty, inclusion and fair play, to ensure the development of tomorrow’s community and an inclusive society in every sense.

Numerous events will be activated in the run-up to the World Cup:

Projects in schools,
Meetings in gyms with athletes and former athletes,
Events in the square
Interactive exhibitions on the history of fencing.
Great international events that Milan offers
The periodicity of events, starting a year before the World Championships, will accompany the public to the event, bringing them closer to the competition and its values. For this reason we propose the realization of events of different types.

Rimini Meeting - August 2022

In the last week of August, Rimini becomes the capital of international culture and is invaded by what has been called by the media, “the Meeting people”: curious, open-minded, judgmental people from all over the world.

It is an event that has been repeated every year since the early 1980s and hosts about 800,000 people. This is an audience with a high level of schooling and a particular sensitivity to the issues of family and education, lifestyles, sustainability and nonprofits.

Moreover, one of the Meeting’s main characteristics is the strong presence of extremely dynamic and curious young people.

Inside the Meeting there are also pavilions dedicated to sports, called Sport Village, where the Meeting and the CSI, in more than 13,000 square meters, promote many activities to make people know and practice sports. Participating in the Rimini Meeting means speaking to a very wide audience, quite high and outside the world of fencing, representing an excellent opportunity for visibility.

The World Championships 2023 will be able to promote their event to an important and target audience.

Salone Internazionale del Mobile - April 2023

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is the most important trade fair and meeting point, worldwide, for home-furnishing professionals.

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is held annually in April, during Design Week, at the Milan Fairgrounds in Rho. The Salone is also closely related to another important Milanese event, the Fuori Salone.

Even in this world event, it will be interesting to be able to work and collaborate with a company in the sector, evaluating its partnership, studying a contextualized event.

Participating in the Salone (and also its Fuori Salone) will allow to intercept a large national and international audience, increasing its perception.

National team training- July 2023

Our 3 national teams on retreat in Milan to prepare for the World Championships. The first part of July will be the time to welcome our athletes at the official competition venue “Allianz MiCo” in which the 6 teams will do their finishing touches ahead of the start of the competitions. It will be an opportunity to involve our Asd in a choral and promotional moment of all Italian fencing.

Ideal moment to create multimedia content to be used in the editorial plan of approach, and use the voice of the champions as promoters of the event year.