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School Project kicks off: 30 Comprehensive Institutes in Lombardy involved

At the Istituto Comprensivo Paolo and Larissa Pini in Milan, the launch event of the Milan 2023 legacy project


In the presence of Marco Fichera, President of the Milan 2023 Organising Committee, Anna Scavuzzo, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Education of the Municipality of Milan, Maurizio Novellini, President of the Regional Committee of Federscherma Lombardia, Simone Locatelli, President of the Municipality Two and Rosa Delia Ruta, Headmaster IC Paolo and Larissa Pini, the launch meeting of the School Project, one of the legacy projects put in place for the Milan 2023 Fencing World Championships, was held. Moderator of the event was former Italian fencer Margherita Granbassi, who won two Olympic bronze medals at the 2008 Games in both individual and team events.

With a view to involving the territory and spreading the values of fencing, the Organising Committee of the Fencing World Championships has activated a series of legacy projects, including the School Project, which officially kicked off today. A sporting event, in fact, is not only characterised by sporting competition but also by a series of values that it conveys: inclusion, sustainability, participation and respect for diversity.

‘Sport is not only practised, it is also a provider of work for everyone and able to accommodate diverse interests. With Milan 2023 we want to realise projects that reach different targets and leave a positive and tangible mark over time. The involvement of schools is very important to us and the aim is to introduce fencing and its values to the youngest. Precisely the World Championships will be a fundamental showcase for telling and showing fencing to the younger generations, and this is the meaning of the School Project that officially kicked off today,” said Marco Fichera, President of the Milan 2023 Organising Committee.

The students of the Istituto Comprensivo Paolo and Larissa Pini were the first protagonists of this project put in place by the Organising Committee, in the run-up to the world championships scheduled from 22 to 30 July 2023 in Milan. The meeting was attended by over 100 boys and girls who, after an initial part in the Aula Magna, where ample space was given to students’ questions, moved to the gymnasium for a practical fencing session together with the instructors. There was great enthusiasm in the youngsters who, thanks to the advice of the two champions Margherita Granbassi and Marco Fichera, were able to take their first steps on the piste. The School Project has been activated at 30 Comprehensive Institutes and sees the involvement of primary, 1st grade and 2nd grade classes throughout Lombardy, for a total of about 5000 students. In each institute, a series of meetings – one per institute – with Olympic and Paralympic athletes will be organised, with the coordination and support of the school headmaster, with the aim of telling the story of fencing, sport, and behind the scenes. In addition to a face-to-face meeting, there will also be a part dedicated to the sport of fencing: moments of storytelling, emotions and reflections combined with moments of sport and play with the Olympic testimonials at the complete disposal of the students.