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The Italian Embassy in Mexico welcomed the Pink Mask project, a symbol of inclusivity through fencing

Mexico – The Pink Mask project, a symbol of inclusiveness and equity through sport promoted by Future Champions Camp, one of the most important organizations in the field of fencing training in Italy and the world, was presented in Mexico City. The Italian Cultural Institute, together with the Ambassador of Italy in Mexico City, Luigi De Chiara, Mexican Institutions, representatives of Future Champions Camp led by Italian fencer Enrico Garozzo and the President of the European Fencing Confederation and Honorary President of the FIS, Giorgio Scarso, presented the Pink Mask program as an icon of inclusiveness expressed by fencing, with particular attention to gender difference.

The meeting took place at the end of six days of training held in Mexico with Future Champions Camp staff. Each day had a focus related to the gender gap, with the goal of addressing and “defeating” it through fencing tasks to be completed that the boys had worked on during the daily session. In addition to Enrico Garozzo, among the protagonists of the initiative were other Italian fencers Andrea Santarelli and Marco Fichera, the latter at the same time a promoter of the mission of the Milan 2023 Absolute World Championships in his role as President of the Organizing Committee of the next rainbow kermesse that will be hosted by Italy from July 22 to 30.
The program is sponsored by the Italian Fencing Federation and the Embassy of Italy in Mexico.

The following is the message launched by the promoters of the project:

“Our future champions have finally donned their Pink Mask in our Mexico City camp. Because it doesn’t matter what face is hidden behind each mask. #FCC athletes treat the opponent with the same respect: male or female, under the mask we are all equal and must have the same opportunities, embracing these values and spreading them around the world.”