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Urban Mobility

Milan’s urban mobility makes use of a well-organized, affordable network consisting of: subway, buses, streetcars, cabs, Uber, car-sharing, bike-sharing, within everyone’s reach.

In fact, on the subject of mobility, the city of Milan won the City Access Award 2016, the European Commission’s award thanks to its good practices in accessibility for people with disabilities, for the quality and sustainability of the results achieved and for the unity of their inclusiveness project.

The Organizing Committee is committed to facilitating the stay of all host Federations during the 2023 World Cup to make the event a moment of absolute international sharing. To make this possible, the Committee will cover all transportation costs both to/from the airport and stations and from the hotels to the event venue by organizing travel services with buses, minibuses, shuttles and shuttles.

The people mobility plan also aims to achieve a more sustainable arrangement. People’s mobility, in particular, will be based on three pillars, which will operate together in a multimodal system: collective transport, micro-mobility with electric-powered vehicles, and active mobility, on foot or by non-motorized means.

The collective transport system serving the subdivision will exploit the collective transport lines already present in the city of Milan, with particular emphasis on those served by electrically-powered vehicles (streetcars), connected to each other and served by shuttles and dedicated pedestrian paths to bridge the distances with the origin, between successive means and with the destination, so as to form a continuous multimodal system for the mobility of people (multi-mobility).

Active mobility will be fostered by taking advantage of and improving the existing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure in Milan, and by installing essential infrastructure at the venue to ensure the safe parking of bicycles and micro-mobility vehicles.

Shuttles and micro-mobility systems will connect disconnected branches of mass transit with each other, with the final destination, and with visitor car parking lots.

Micro-mobility will also provide a way to move quickly and conveniently between different environments within the venues, particularly for athletes, service personnel, and media.

Transportation for athletes

The app for athletes transportation will be soon available.

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