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University Project kicks off: seven universities of excellence across Italy involved

Yesterday, at the Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna, in the presence of Marco Fichera, President of the Milan 2023 Organizing Committee, Giovanna Cosenza and Roberta Paltrinieri, Department of the Arts, Luca Corsolini, sports journalist, Alessandro Noto, head of Marketing and Social Media Federscherma, Erika Kirpu, 2020 Tokyo Olympics team epee gold medalist and Davide Cassani, former cyclist and National Cycling Technical Commissioner was held to launch the University Project, one of the legacy projects fielded for the Milan 2023 Fencing World Absolute Championships. Moderator of the event “World Fencing Championships – Milan 2023. Challenges of the present in the city of the future. Social media and sport: strategies to communicate, promote and engage,” Giovanni Bruno, sports journalist.

With a view to involving the territory and spreading the values of fencing, the Organizing Committee of the Fencing World Absolute Championships has activated a series of legacy projects including the University Project. A sporting event, in fact, is characterized not only by sporting competition but also by a series of values that it conveys: inclusion, sustainability, participation and respect for diversity. The goal of the University Project is to establish the Mondiali 2023 brand by involving students from universities in Lombardy and several Italian cities.

The selected universities, two in Lombardy and five in the rest of Italy, will be involved in a series of meetings-one per university-with the aim of telling about fencing, sport and behind the scenes. Great importance will be given to the multidisciplinary nature of the project, through the involvement of different faculties to show how sport is a connector of skills and different professionalism that, precisely in sport, meet and integrate creating excellence.

Guests of the meetings will be institutional representatives, athletes and professionals who will describe the professional outlets in the field of sports of the faculties that will host the meetings. Universities, in fact, represent the place where it is possible to combine excellent educational paths with high-level sports performance.

The special lecture held yesterday at the DAMSLAB Auditorium was held as part of the New Media Semiotics course taught by Prof. Giovanna Cosenza for the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences. Students were given the opportunity to learn about the communication and promotion strategies of major sporting events and in particular the use of social channels by the Organizing Committee and the Italian Fencing Federation to engage followers and fans.